The traditional operating model of the automotive industry in all its phases, from manufacturer to dealer and end customer seems to be already outdated and driven by different trends.

Factors such as electrification, car connectivity, remote diagnostics and software upgrade capabilities of the car, new features of future customers who have grown up in the digital age of smartphones and social media, spin the transformation wheel of the automotive industry.

The dealer landscape is already changing, due to continued consolidation, the use of new sales channels and the emergence of new forms of mobility. In addition, customers’ expectations of the products, services and experiences offered by the car trade will also increase.

Our common goal is to undertake transformation programs while you stay focused on your core business and achieving your business goals.

Hellecon Services has executives with years of experience in the automotive industry and can contribute to any transformation needs of your business.

  1. Implementation of construction factory programs.
    We undertake consulting services, the implementation and application of the new transformation programs coming from the manufacturing plants from the importer to the retail dealer.
  2. Mystery Shopping .
    We have many years of experience in conducting Secret Customer Investigations related to the activity of car trading and repair. We have been certified by the Audi factory to conduct the research of the secret customer in After Sales for the last 13 years..
    With the leading edge of the nationwide network of trained and experienced associates – as secret customers, we undertake surveys throughout the country with the ability to carry out fast and reliable implementation.
  3. Competition price surveys for spare parts.
    In a very competitive environment between genuine and after-market spare parts, continuous price monitoring is an important tool for the business. It is worth stressing that through the results of the survey, not only threats but also opportunities to improve business activity are identified.
  4. Recording and monitoring of factory specifications
    We undertake the monitoring of the implementation of the factory specifications for the operation of retail networks.
  5. Design of facilities and procedures for the operation of workshops and bodyshops
    Hellecon Services, with the multitude of services it offers, undertakes the whole package for the operation of new facilities from design to full operation.
    Some of our services:
    • Design of premises and equipment facilities with emphasis on ergonomics, practicality and at the same time the creation of a working environment that will provide health and safety for workers.
    • Carrying out all studies and issuing the necessary permits
    • Designing the workflow and processes that will provide the best possible experience for employees and customers.
  6. Activity Development in After Sales
    Leveraging our extensive experience in After Sales activity, we are able to offer you a variety of programs that will add value to your business and improve profitability. For example:
    • Improving end-customer experience
    • Improving productivity
    • Increasing profitability