Education Provided

Our main priority at Hellecon Services is to support Health and Safety at work. We want our customers to be able to focus on their productive work while keeping workplaces accident-free.

Effective workplace health and safety needs the involvement of everyone in a company. The involvement of the company’s management, the employees as well as the cultivation of the corporate culture among them.

Training not only helps to create the company culture, but also helps the company’s workforce to develop automation, to know the legislative and regulatory requirements and to cultivate the skills needed to have a safe working environment.

Workplace accidents and injuries can often be prevented with proper training and staff awareness.

Hellecon Services Ltd. can, in collaboration with your company, design your own training program that you will carry out in your Organization. We develop and create the health and safety culture in your workplace with training based on your own company’s processes, your methods but above all on everyone’s behavior and participation.

Psychology at Work

The good psychological state of your staff can reduce accidents and also strengthen the efficiency and productivity of the organization.

Hellecon Services offers, in collaboration with specialized psychologists – psychotherapists, trainings related to the management of Stress at work and the Balance between work and personal life.

To discuss your company’s training needs / requirements, contact us today.