Hellecon Services was founded in 2003 by specialists in occupational Health and Safety and is today one of the largest companies providing Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) services in Greece. Our company covers the entire Greek territory with over 150 experienced and highly qualified Security Engineers. It also covers the entire Greek territory for Occupational Medicine services with over 100 experienced Doctors.

Hellecon Services is a member of the EXYPP Association of Greek Companies, and our executives have over 30 years of experience in the Health and Safety sector. Our company today covers with its services more than 180,000 workers, in 1500 companies of all branches.

Hellecon Services has a Professional Liability Insurance Policy for the insurance coverage of our Security Technicians and Occupational Doctors.

The number and diversity of companies we cover, the number and variety of companies we cover, combined with the absolute knowledge of the professional risks that each company has, makes us the ideal partner.

Our company also provides the following services:

  • Technical Consultant Services,
  • Research services for the implementation of standards in commercial networks,
  • Conduct Mystery Shopping investigations on car companies, as our company is certified in this investigation. (Audi AG)
  • Training of personnel in road safety of heavy vehicles and other vehicles.
  • Occupational Risk Assessment Studies (according to Law 3850/2010)
  • Fire Safety Studies
  • Business premises licensing studies
  • Licensing studies of new companies,
  • ISO studies

Since its establishment, Hellecon Services has had a reliable Insurance Agency, which, combined with the expertise that our specialized engineers can provide and the detailed knowledge of the risks that each company has, can propose the best insurance coverage so that our customers can pay the least money and have full coverage of their property.