Try the #1 in Whistleblowing System Ratings

Comply with Law 4990/2022 on whistleblowing and save time with a system that is simple, adaptable and easy to use.

Whistleblower software is trusted by some of the largest law firms and audit firms in the EU because our solution offers an often unparalleled level of compliance and safety.

Start the ideal whistleblowing channel

  • Easily report an incident confidentially or anonymously
  • Two-way communication after submission
  • High transparency of what happens to the reporter throughout their journey

Unlimited cases, users, languages and channels

  • Handle the cases in a safe and secure environment. Easy to use for beginners and the preferred solution for compliance professionals
  • Features that help you respect GDPR and privacy, such as end-to-end encryption, the 4-eyes principle, and version

Why choose the Whistleblower Software complaints system?

Our system is specifically designed to meet the legal requirements in relation to the whistleblowing systems of companies in your country. We do everything we can to give you and your employees the best possible experience. Securing your data is our top priority.

Our platform uses end-to-end encryption, secure servers, and multi-factor authorisations to ensure that your company’s data is protected at all times, from all threats. Privacy is at the heart of everything we do.

Whistleblower Software leads the industry in terms of end-user experience and implementation in relation to Corporate Social Responsibility.

In addition, the platform can be tailored to your requirements, including your brand, language, the information required to submit a report, and more.